About Euron

EURON ENERGY ltd is a leading company in the hydropower sector in Albania. The company was created with the aim of developing small hydropower plants. Its projects use the latest technological advances in the sector. EURON ENERGY currently owns HC Bele 1- 5000 KW and HC Topojani 2 – 5800 KW, located in Kukes, Albania. As part of our projects we also tend to help and develop local communities, by providing employment for the local residents, improving the local infrastructure as well as helping the environment by producing 100% carbon free energy.

The company headquarters are located in Tirana, Albania. EURON ENERGY as a company and all of its employees, consider ourselves as global citizens, thus it is our duty to offer a more sustainable way of life for the generations to come. We are currently aiming to expand our involvement in the hydropower sector in Albania in order to increase the impact of the renewable energy in our daily lives, thus helping the world we live in one step at a time.